This I like to see #richardarmitage

Theater professionals seeing or planning to see Love, Love, Love! Sayet is a theater director and academic (focusing on contemporary plays and especially themes that have to do with women and Native Americans) and Howard Sherman is an “arts advocate” — he works closely with a number of theater initiatives, including a free speech initiative at the New School (which non-academics might be familiar with as one of the backdrops of the original Project Runway episodes, and writes from New York for The Stage, a centrally important UK theater publication. (I wonder if he’ll be reviewing Love, Love, Love for them?) I know it’s not an entirely popular thing to say, but I hope this sort of comment will mean the beginning of more theater work for Richard Armitage in NYC.



~ by Servetus on September 26, 2016.

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  1. I believe that theater can give Richard more opportunities that movies or TV, including age range. And he obviously loves being on stage. I will be happy if he does more theater in the future even if I don’t have a chance to see his stage works.


    • I’ve always thought he’d rather be doing theater. I agree — even if I won’t always be able to see it and it will hurt that I can’t.


  2. The New School also did James Lipton’s Inside the Actors’ Studio with those long interviews of actors and actresses. I believe he was also listed as faculty. Eventually, I think they parted ways.


  3. Actors ( including Richard) should always do what hey love. If theatre is what he wants then, even though most of us may not get to see him, go for it. When you do what you love it is never work. Sorry I spelled Theater the Brittish way..oooops.


    • I won’t get into all my reservations about the “if you do what you love , it is never work” statement, but I agree, he should do what best suits him.


  4. Even if he does more theatre, I don’t think he would give up films and tv entirely. Considering his Olivier nomination, maybe it would be a way for him to finally receive more mainstream nominations, and hopefully win some. I would love to see him do more N.Y.stage, as would others love London. The only drawback, is that most fans would never see either, and it’s a large expense for those who could.


    • In the end, like any choice, it would change the fandom, absolutely. But I think it would have many, many advantages for him, assuming he could afford to do it. I am assuming that the Hobbit has paid for a lot of what he’s done the last few years.


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