Is Richard Armitage modeling for a Vancouver mall?

This distracting image was sent in by SueBC, who writes: “This is an ad for a new outlet mall opening near Vancouver BC. The picture they’ve drawn looks remarkably like our man, RA, with sunglasses and beard. It’s even got a stripy T-shirt! Are his looks very much au courant? Is he posing for ads in his spare time? This ad is showing up now all over the place in Vancouver — on YouTube, bus shelters, and on the sides of buses. Very distracting while driving!”



~ by Servetus on September 27, 2016.

4 Responses to “Is Richard Armitage modeling for a Vancouver mall?”

  1. Love it! What a cute ad. And I’ve actually been to Tsawwassen many times (not the mall) taking the ferry to Vancouver Island. Good times.


  2. Funny! Nice Find. It could be him! Without doubt. Especially being so slender right now… 😉 😀 😛


  3. Adds levels of meaning to “inspiRAtion.”


  4. […] I wanted to initiate. I suggested something I thought was kind of funny to Serv, which she kindly posted on her blog, and then there were a couple of little odes I wrote that Serv and Guylty kindly rescued from the […]


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