Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Gaskell

206 is a lot of candles.

To celebrate, check out the latest two posts from “More than Milton” on another important work of Gaskell’s — Wives and Daughters — and on the plans for television version of Mary Barton.

~ by Servetus on September 28, 2016.

15 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Gaskell”

  1. 206! I didn’t think she was a day over 150 at the most!


  2. Didn’t know I share a birthday with her. Pretty cool!!


  3. I watched the BBC Wives and Daughters just recently (twice). I enjoyed it almost as much as North and South, although it is the female lead that really makes the production special. And the story is really interesting with showing the impact of prejudices based on class and country of origin on peoples’ lives.


    • I really love the book. Have you read it? Hyacinth is a stitch! I love the development of characters and the web of relationships between various classes. It’s my second favorite book (after N&S of course!).


  4. Two Monday in a row I forgot to turn on the tv and watch this serie. Maybe If they are showing this, they will again have N&S (they aired it in 2007)? Hope so!


    • For my birthday this year, I was given a boxed set of BBC Gaskell series which has both N&S and W&D in it, from their web store. That way I’m not at the mercy of the TV stations (or Netflix ).


      • You are so lucky. 😀 I need to buy regional free dvd and then go shopping for RA’s works. I have them mostly downloaded on my laptop. sigh


  5. p.s. Mondays – i should really quit typing fast


  6. Thank you Elizabeth Gaskell. What would our lives be like without you? Glad to hear BBC is adapting another of her books. They’ve done a good job with the others.


  7. Thanks for this. 🙂
    I’d love to see the BBC make Mary Barton into a mini-series.


    • One kind of wishes they would make more new stuff instead of rehashing things. I read today they are remaking Les Misérables.


      • What?! Hollywood did Les Miz not long ago. I would like them to find material that isn’t that well known, but should be. I, for one, am glad their production of N&S introduced me to Gaskell.


        • Could not agree more. This is supposed to be a “truer” adaptation (a la War and Peace) but I’ve had enough LM for a while.


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