Other people look at Richard Armitage’s face …

I look at his shoes. Love these oxfords.


~ by Servetus on September 28, 2016.

19 Responses to “Other people look at Richard Armitage’s face …”

  1. IDK…I think those might be the tried and true combat boots peeking out from under jeans?


  2. Hard to say for sure…I could use some up close evidence 😉


  3. We know them, don’t we???????
    BTW I do look in his face (of course 😉 ), but there are always this really important shoes/feet/legs that one needs to study…..


  4. I fully applaud your attention to detail, Serv. And the attention to detail by the costume dept. Whether these are original boots from the Armitagean pool of requisites or come from the wardrobe dept, they look scuffed and worn – not brand new. Every little detail helps…


  5. I thought the exact same thing when I saw that picture! “Oh nice shoes!”


  6. hey guys, I heard the Berlin Station Premiere is at Milk Studios in LA tomrrow… can anyone confirm?


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