Richard Armitage, Love Love Love stage door 9/27



~ by Servetus on September 28, 2016.

16 Responses to “Richard Armitage, Love Love Love stage door 9/27”

  1. I’m really trying to learn to live with the cap…and it’s not working. Sigh.


  2. Why is he wearing that cap so much? Is there something wrong with his hair?

    My son went through a stage of wearing a baseball cap 24/7… but he was 8 at the time.


    • There are two theories I am aware of:

      a) there’s something weird about his haircut that he doesn’t want to show people (related to the odd way it supposedly looks in Act One)

      b) he has gunk in his hair after Act Three, when he is aged, and he doesn’t want people to see it.


      • The gunk theory definitely makes sense. Has anyone reported a weird hairstyle?

        My timeline is getting confused – didn’t he do some BS promotion this week? I assumed that was only recently filmed because he looked so skinny but his hair looked normal.


      • I think it’s the gunk in his hair from Act III … his hair looked gorgeous in Act II (I was in the second row and pretty close to the stage).


    • I’m with you about this (‘coughs’) ugly cap. Hope there will be days without it! Never liked them! (Being slighty harsh here! 😉 ) Maybe its a kind of hiding for him? When you walk, head down, you do not get recognised so easily. Or he badly wants to be a real American American ?? Phew….. Anyway…. he is still very kind!


  3. Nice gals!😀


  4. Maybe it’s a fashion statement. My son (almost 15) wears one all the time. Richard’s hip with the young😄I’m Okay with the cap.


  5. Sadly I think the cap is ubiquitous. Around these parts I see a lot of middle aged men in convertibles wearing them – keeping the sun off their bald spots!

    So maybe RA is actually hip with the middle aged crisis brigade!😉


    • My dad wears them, too. Although not such stylish ones.


      • Something your Dad has in common with RA!

        Next he will be sporting a pineapple motif…


        • We’re going to a wedding next month and I am trying to convince him to get a new “nice” outfit. But the odds that he would stretch to a pineapple tie are low … maybe a pineapple t-shirt.


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