Roundabout added a poster to their store for Love, Love, Love



~ by Servetus on September 28, 2016.

24 Responses to “Roundabout added a poster to their store for Love, Love, Love”

  1. Perfect for autographs. I like it.

  2. Darn. They don’t ship to Canada

    • WTF. Are we going to go through this crap with the theater, too? (not just Berlin Station)

      • Apparently we are!

        • I just looked — they can’t be sent to Germany either. FFS.

          • Makes you wonder why they put all those countries in the drop down box. Weird.

          • Hold your horses, ladies – I just looked at the FAQs, and this is what I found:
            Do you ship internationally?
            We do ship internationally; however, there will be an additional shipping surcharge depending on the destination. International orders will typically arrive within 1-3 weeks of your purchase.

            Maybe the whole thing is not quite set up yet – after all the play hasn’t officially launched yet?
            And if not, maybe a concerted e-mail effort will do the trick?

    • You’re right. This is going to turn into a clusterf*ck.

  3. What we need is a US based fan clearing house.

  4. Too bad, because the general could be standing ova them to make sure of a positive outcome.

    • The problem would be organizing the money. You could have the other fan order the poster and send it to you, but then you’d have to send it on to them elsewhere. I see the second half of that transaction as laborious (money, customs forms, things that didn’t arrive)

  5. Not that I’m interested in this poster (fortunately), but it’s pretty typical for US shops etc. that they don’t bother sending to interested buyers outside of the US. I was pretty interested in some Hobbit stuff, for example, and ‘of course’ Warner doesn’t ship internationally.
    Admittedly, international shipping from the US has become excessively expensive in recent years, but still – if the buyer is willing to pay for that, I wish they’d be given the opportunity to do so.

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