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An evening at the #theatre #lovelovelove #RichardArmitage #nyc #lllplay

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~ by Servetus on September 28, 2016.

6 Responses to “Some Love, Love, Love tweets, 9/27 #richardarmitage”

  1. I’m glad it’s such a great experience for everyone! I was anxious that the play would weigh people down or that they might come out feeling somewhat disappointed, not with the acting or staging or anything like that but with where the play takes you mentally. I am glad it is not the case 🙂

    • The Crucible was bad in that regard.

      • See, i would describe it as exactly the opposite. Emotionally very enriching and transforming experience, i was a constant high for weeks from the emotional workout. This does the exact opposite – frustration/depression. At least the reading left me like this, i hope the viewing will be less and in any case i know what to expect, but it is not a ‘hot’ emotional experience for me. The former left me in much need of communication, sharing, the latter left me with a lot of negative feelings, much less fit for enthusiastic, fan-related interaction.I would almost describe it as emotional nourishment vs draining. I seem to be in absolute minority there, which is a good thing 🙂 (Or well, i have read much harsher reactions to the play, but i think most of the people who feel like that will have decided not to see it at all. The ones who have seem to have much less contradictory/negative feelings about it. I know myself and i’ll struggle to go from it to lovely-jubbly in a matter of half an hour or so).

        • I hadn’t made plans to see anyone in London from the fandom except Guylty, but I couldn’t have. Watching The Crucible night after night was hugely draining. I woke up every morning feeling like I had a hangover. I had a hard time talk to the friends I did manage to see. Given that I don’t think it’s a very good play, I was really surprised that it affected me that much, but part of it was surely that it was also so long.

          Not sure what will happen with LLL — will wait to see!

          • And maybe that it was also so concentrated. Mine was spread due to practical reasons over weeks and i had to pull myself together to go to work the next day in all days, although all i wanted to do was run back to see it the next day. We’ll reverse the experience this time 😉 I just hope i won’t be too jet lagged to not even take anything in that happens around me, as i won’t even get the chance to get over jet lag given short time.
            I’m just surprised we have had relatively little discussion about the play itself so far.

            • I’m not, actually. It was similar for The Crucible, although not so extreme. I think a piece of the problem is that the average fandom theatergoer doesn’t put themselves in the place of thinking critically about a play like that. Most people are thinking at the level of liking the play or not or liking Armitage in it or not. Also, a lot of people are not reading the play before going, so they are not putting themselves in a position to ask if they like how something is executed or whether it’s believable or not. And in general, most people who aren’t regular theatergoers have no training in how to think about plays.

              I think the difference last time wss that a lot of people who saw it even early on were at least familiar with the play ahead of time — both UK and US viewers. That just isn’t going to happen this time.

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