Richard Armitage braved the stage door in Nike, 9/28

Those are definitely Berlin Station shoes.


~ by Servetus on September 29, 2016.

16 Responses to “Richard Armitage braved the stage door in Nike, 9/28”

  1. Nice shoes. And again sockless. Although I’ve just found out that they sell special socks that are really low cut, just so it’ll look like you’re not wearing socks. See for example Vans no show socks . So maybe not sockless after all.


  2. Free running model by the looks of it. If he used them for a run, it would mean he doesn’t need too much cushioning.
    I’ve got the same brand and colour but in a different model, because I need a softer sole, particularly on hard surfaces. And they’re extremely comfy.


    • Do people run in Nikes anymore? I thought it wasn’t considered a serious athletic shoe. People I know who run seem to make other choices.


      • It’s a big brand here. I’m part of a running club which sent two runners to the Olympics in Rio. All the coaches are provided with Nike running gear. So, yeah, it’s big here.


  3. BTW, what’s the story with that parka? Is that also from the BS fundus of DM clothes? 😉


  4. he looks right comfy, from the stage sofa to the home sofa 🙂


  5. His pants are a little disappointing for this SD so far. C’mon Richard, step it up. You know we want to see the button ups!


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