You look pretty good for 6 a.m.


~ by Servetus on September 29, 2016.

25 Responses to “You look pretty good for 6 a.m.”

  1. Doesn’t he look like Caravaggio’s painting whose BD is today btw? 😊❤️


  2. I’m so mesmerized by this pic at the moment, I keep coming back to it again and again.


    • This is picture is fodder for SERIOUS fantasy. Esp the way his t-shirt falls around his shoulders. I can totally imagine waking up with him on a dark morning …. yeah, this must be heavily filtered. But still. !!!!


      • I don’t think this is filtered. It’s taken in the dark, thus it’s really grainy (and slightly discoloured), as the camera automatically adjusts to the lighting conditions. Pretty typical for an iPhone pic in less than optimum circumstances.
        As for the creased t-shirt – looks to me as if he is already sitting in his seat on the plane, but has slouched down a bit, with his bum nearly hanging off the seat (maybe because he doesn’t want to be seen while taking a selfie? 😈), and in the process the t-shirt has ridden up, exacerbated by holding his arms up in order to take the selfie.
        Or maybe that is just my innocent alternative to your fantasy 😉


  3. A few would be chuffed to wake up and see that face with just that look. Re: Carravaggio, good point. The lighting does it, I think.


  4. Mmm, he sure does😉I like the play on words. I hop he has a safe flight✈️


  5. I love this picture. even though Mr. Richard Armitage just woke up and took this selfie, it is kind of neat how this picture turned out, what I mean is that Mr. Richard Armitage is heading to the premiere of Berlin Station in L.A. and like his character this picture has two sides: a dark, mystery side and then a light, trustworthy side., and when you look at the whole picture, you think to yourself it looks a little bit like Mr. Richard Armitage but also it doesn’t look like him.


  6. Honestly, I would not have recognised him right away….. I lately detect a for me sometimes new physiognomy on him, maybe conditioned by loosing a considerable amount of weight ??
    There’s definitely something mysterious in this picture.


  7. Poor guy!


  8. J’espère qu’il tiendra le coup, entre les multiples séances de théâtre et les obligations professionnelles, avec ou sans aide pharmaceutique.


  9. I like this selfie more than the others where he’s spruced up and filtered. It feels more “real” somehow. 🙂


  10. Oh so pretty and witty and briiiiiight 🙂 sorry, i couldn’t stop myself. I feel somewhat intoxicated by his recent onslaught of attractiveness. Love the rumply t-shirt and the looks, feels just like v eary Sat morning when you wake up and then cuddle up and turn back to bed 🙂 Sorry for him it was a plane 🙂 Hope he did have a good day 🙂


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