Richard Armitage in a car on the way to Berlin Station premiere

Note the first part of the vid was silent and it cut off suddenly.

~ by Servetus on September 30, 2016.

10 Responses to “Richard Armitage in a car on the way to Berlin Station premiere”

  1. Both this and the Berlin Station feed were train wrecks but can we pause for a moment and pay homage to the amazing suit he is wearing?


  2. Nice tie too


  3. I love that tie. I wonder if he had to be talked into it.


  4. Love the suit. I wish he’d wear them more often. He looks good in a well-cut suit with a white shirt. Classy.


  5. Obvious technical problems, but still – there are some interesting things. And yes, he looks great. Thank you for the video.


  6. “if I start talking politics put your hand over my mouth & tackle me to the ground”, LOL! I love playful Armitage (and I like when he swears too…)


    • seriously.

      I actually love that he’s probably talked politics in that setting and regretted it — I have similar attitudes / experiences.


  7. Hahahaha “You said my name right!!!”
    Cute Richard… 🙂


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