So the schedule tonight if I understand it correctly is

6 p.m., Richard Armitage live on his FB page

6:30 p.m., premiere on Berlin Station FB page

6:40 p.m., Q&A with Armitage on the Moviepilot FB page

Hmmm. We’ll see how this goes; I’ve never been able to get FB live to work on my computer. I’ll be watching on another computer (that I hope works), but not sure what I’ll be blogging.

~ by Servetus on September 30, 2016.

44 Responses to “So the schedule tonight if I understand it correctly is”

  1. I was just checking before you chimed , that’s what tweets said. Ten minutes from red carpet to Q&A seems quick.

  2. When you say premiere at 6:30, do you mean red carpet? Oh – maybe opening remarks before the screening. I’ve had luck with FB live. We’ll see. AND FYI for readers, this is EST 9, 9:30 and 9:40 respectively

  3. […] Me and Richard […]

  4. The tweet from BS sounded like the premiere could be streamed from either FB or Twitter at 6:30 PST:

  5. So do I just sit on his FB page and wait for something to happen?

  6. I was thinking the same thing. But it sounds way too easy doesn’t it?

  7. Judging from the chatter on Twitter it is not our lack of technical prowess. There is nothing happening.

  8. I have BS open too, nothing happening

  9. That night we all sat around like Pavlov’s dogs … honestly. He could tweet or something that he’s late or it’s not happening.

  10. So, at 6:30 PST should we give up and go over to BS site?

  11. I’m relieved to know it’s not just me. I’ve never done a FB live feed before.

  12. I have occasionally seen them — like I watched the news conference from Munich about the shooting that way, I think. You get a notification in your upper right hand corner too.

  13. OK, 8?31 and I’m getting nothing from Berlin Station either via FB or Twitter.

  14. BS is up but not working.

  15. I am a little disappointed that Mr. Richard Armitage would say that he is going to be live at 6pm and then nothing, he might be running late or they could be having trouble trying to set up the live feed, but I think it would of been nice if somebody would just put a message on FB, Twitter, etc. telling us there was a problem or something.

  16. Moviepilot is live.

  17. hey just went to that movie pilot twitter and it looks like the live interview is going on right now

  18. Got it but transmission is miserable.

  19. or if you go to super news by movie pilot on facebook, they are saying it is live with Mr. Richard Armitage.

  20. I really hope this will be archive cuz the streaming quality sux om moviepilot. Looking good at least!

  21. just went back to the page and said the live feed ended. sorry

  22. the first 5 seconds that I seen, Mr. Richard Armitage(even though he was in the car), he looked very handsome in his suit.

  23. Live video from the premiere on the Berlin Station FB!! Video streaming although audio not great.

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