This, I call spylicious

Told you…"Spy talk" with Jolie Lash…hoping not to get actually lashed!!😂😂😂 Access Hollywood

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Universal Studios Access Hollywood. Talking bout "Spies"

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~ by Servetus on September 30, 2016.

9 Responses to “This, I call spylicious”

  1. Phew , mops brow , this man just gets better and better !

  2. omg THOSE SUNGLASSES❤️❤️The man too but whew those sunglasses….

  3. He’s freaking me out a bit with how skin and bones he seems😳

    • I know, I thought so too. 😞 Hopefully he’ll get lots of rest and a few square home-cooked meals at Christmas! 😊

      • I’ve been reassured he looks just fine in real life, lol. I still prefer him with a bit of bulk!

        • He look thinner in person than he did on stage to me when I was in London — which is weird, because I sat very close to him on stage. If he’s okay with it, cool, but I also wouldn’t mind a little more bulk.

  4. The couture is wonderful both last night and today. Classic but edgy. It works for him.

  5. Yeah, he was really well dressed last night and today. Especially when you consider he’d probably wear a ratty white t-shirt if it were up to him, lol 🙂

  6. What lips …
    It is perfect with bones so the show …

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