Two negative reviews of Berlin Station I’m not familiar with the venue. I can read Swedish with a dictionary but not translate it, so you should check this out with a machine translator. The reviewer thinks the episodes are well packaged but talky and boring.

The Medium is not Enough. This is a venue that I have some respect for, but this review doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. To castigate spies who work at the U.S. Embassy for hanging around Berlin Mitte is just silly and every Berlin series is going to have tropes about Berlin. The main point is that supposedly the makers don’t understand how to make TV, but that wasn’t what I got. It feels like the show was just a little too difficult for the reviewer to understand, frankly. I find most TV boring because it doesn’t give us enough information and the major complaint here seems to be that we are getting too much? Whatever.

~ by Servetus on September 30, 2016.

6 Responses to “Two negative reviews of Berlin Station”

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  2. Who cares about those unfullfilled artists ? 😉 🙂
    Berlin Station is very promising IMO.


  3. I don’t know what letters to use to spell out a big raspberry, but if I could, I would. So, many bones to pick, I’ll only hit on a few. The accent thing, seriously? No, it doesn’t come across like a tv show. It’s more like a series of films, better IMO! Yes, you have to watch an episode more than once to catch all the nuances. It has layers to peel, I love that. It doesn’t mean it’s confusing, or made poorly. BS is showing us a lot of Berlin, and that means all aspects of it. Would it be better if it were all soundstage and green screens? I’m ranting, I know, best to stop now.


    • I haven’t written much about the show, but I do have some issues with his American accent. It’s not perfect. I don’t understand, because I know he can get there. Glad to know his German was good, though. I thought it was a nasty review.


      • But which American accent should he sound like? His character was raised in Berlin and then moved to the U.S. He’s lived everywhere. He’s an amalgam. Even in one state you’ll find pockets of different accents, so what is an American accent?
        I think he sounded great.


        • My reaction is that in every other piece he’s done where he was supposed to be American, there was a point where I thought, “no, that’s obviously wrong.” I have only watched these episodes once through and then spot watched to write my reactions down, but in this and Brain on Fire, for the first time I didn’t feel like it was an issue, even though there were points where I thought, “oh, he’s stressing that consonant because the dialogue coach told him he needed to” or whatever.


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