Well, I’m sure he didn’t pay retail

$180 for that tie!

~ by Servetus on September 30, 2016.

8 Responses to “Well, I’m sure he didn’t pay retail”

  1. […] I really like his pineapple tie! The tie is a nice touch of something different in his suit outfit. According to what Servetus found (thanks so much, Serv, for all the updates!) the tie costs $ 180,-! I’d never pay anything […]


  2. I saw it for 59$, though it was sold out there.


  3. I know Richard could wear the 3 blind mice on a tie and the ladies would love it 🙂 I thought the pineapples cute & different and a lot of times wearing certain designer items are given as a form of advertising, not saying it was, but it does happen.


    • I always try to keep in mind something that a suit salesman told me the first time I ever went shopping with a guy for a suit (my main grad school boyfriend, in 1992), which is that the tie is essentially the only piece of men’s formalwear that allows him anything like the range of choices that women usually have with their formal clothing. That’s maybe not as severe in the line of clothing Armitage can choose from, since he’s often looking at higher style and not a normal every day suit, but it’s still true to some extent.

      I took away from that that a guy should never be pushed to wear a tie he didn’t like, because a man has so few options, but one could also deduce that it is one of the main places where someone who wants to or is willing to make a statement (whether stylist or model) can do so.


      • Very true. My now ex-husband always had the wildest ties, which I fortunately loved. Richard’s ties are quirky and I love it. Also his quirky socks when he wears them.


        • I think a tie that’s obviously quirky (as opposed to either tasteless or just not good) is a good choice. It’s a fine line, I suppose.


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