Berlin Station cast at tonight’s Q&A #richardarmitage

The moderator is a TV Guide editor.

~ by Servetus on October 1, 2016.

6 Responses to “Berlin Station cast at tonight’s Q&A #richardarmitage”

  1. Leland is such a pocket dynamo! Love the height difference between him and Richard.

    I wish Michelle would wear colours other than black. Like tamlyn’s purple. Michelle is a handsome woman but black makes her look so severe. Especially when she’s stood next to Richard and his pineapple tie!


    • Well, it’s certainly a striking look on her. And wasn’t she in a vampire show?


      • No idea re vampire show. She used to rock some star trecky jewel colours as Ro.

        But she would look great in an oxblood or a deep blue, even hunter green.

        Richard has ilyaria to show him the pineapple ties. Michelle may not have anybody. And plausibly doesn’t care!

        Leland looks like he came out of the womb dressed in a suit!


  2. Love the blue jacket. I don’t think Ilyaria put that ensemble together, though 😉


    • I think she may have, she seems to have a knack of putting interesting pieces to bring out the blue in his eyes. And I think it’s a really good dressy/casual look I don’t think he is capable of pulling off all by himself. She probably put a look together for every day of the Berlin promo. That’s my thinking anyways.


    • I bought the Oct 2016 US edition of Vanity Fair today b/c there’s a Berlin Station ad in it and I just happened to notice that the 2016 international best-dressed list is in it — I think a third to a half of the men featured are wearing blue blazers!


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