Richard Armitage survives red-eye flight to contribute to standing ovation


~ by Servetus on October 1, 2016.

18 Responses to “Richard Armitage survives red-eye flight to contribute to standing ovation”

  1. I love her observations, she captures it

  2. when sparkhouse1 said that Mr. Richard Armitage almost broke character and had to cover his face, it reminded me when he proposed to Geraldine in Vicar of Dibley and she ran out the house screaming, you can see Mr. Richard Armitage about to laugh and he put his over his mouth, so adorable.

    • Well actually it was Daphne who said that (I wish it was me though, because that would mean I have seen the play). I know what you mean about Vicar of Dibley – it was a very cute moment

    • meant to say he put his hand over his mouth. also, sorry for that mistake sparkhouse1.

  3. Glad people are enjoying my reports–I know I’m really lucky to be seeing so many performances so I’m trying to think of what I think will interest others (they interest me at least, lol). Please ask if you have any questions–I’m happy to answer as well as I can. I’m trying not to do too many spoilers in the tweets unless someone asks. I went to today’s matinee because it was originally listed as being part of the Celebrity series but it didn’t happen after all–next one is 10/23 and I won’t be attending that show but hopefully someone will report back. I will be at Tuesday’s show and that one will have a pre-show lecture.

    Also, one other note–you can totally see RA’s lovely gluteal muscles flex and move when he’s dancing with Sandra in Act 3 (not so much in Act 1 because robe)–for some reason I only noticed in today’s show that lovely sight! So there’s definitely something new every time! 😉

    • Oh! And I’m now convinced Act 1 hair is a mix of his own with a longer hair piece. 🙂

      • How many times are you planning to see it?

        • Right now, I have tickets to six more shows…

          • Thanks. The reason I’m asking is that at some point I’m going to get to a point where I have to preserve my own perspective as an observer. It wasn’t a big deal with The Crucible because I was very familiar with that play already. Right now I’m loving this, but I may eventually slow down on the coverage of what you’re saying — and it won’t be personal when it happens.

            I don’t know if you post on FB at all but if so you should join that group and put your observations there — I think the readers would love it.

            • Totally get it. I doubt I will tweet like this from every show though–for one thing, the people I know in RL who follow my twitter feed will probably stage an intervention if they know exactly how many shows I’m attending, lol!

          • Wow!!!

    • Ummmm, glute muscles…I think you already know what interests us! Kidding aside, your tweets about the play and RA are both informative and fun. I am really enjoying them. I won’t be seeing the play but I have read it so personally any spoilers don’t bother me in the least.

      • A lot of readers here want to remain unspoiled, though. This isn’t Daphne’s responsibility but I am going to take some care on this line (at the minimum, marking things as necessary).

        • Of course! Totally understandable not wanting to spoil it for others. I confess though that I am one of those people that read the endings of novels before I get to the end. It’s terrible.

    • You’re choosing just the right things to report, and as you notice new things, we can tell you’re genuinely excited by them. Doing a great job. Lucky you that you’re able to see it repeatedly, and always from a different seat. That information is invaluable for us when choosing seats.

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