They look like they had fun #richardarmitage #berlinstation














~ by Servetus on October 1, 2016.

14 Responses to “They look like they had fun #richardarmitage #berlinstation”

  1. Great set of photos! 😃

  2. Serv, you are a star! Thank you for gathering all these things.
    That dark blue jacket is my number 2 fav after the Pineapple Tie. 😊

  3. Love the fun photos, but white snakers/shoes? Not my thing….

    • yeah — a lot of people apparently thing his shoes the previous night were wrong (I don’t — you can’t go wrong with blue /brown) but to me this was a weird choice. It makes everyone look at his feet.

  4. I love him in this shades of blue! Great trousers!!! I could do with blueish shoes as well, but the whites a definitely an eyecatcher he can wear easily.

  5. Leland Orser is stealing my heart. Seems like a pretty good guy. And the Berlin photography he is posting on twitter is really good.

  6. The shoes don’t bother me too much, it’s the grey knitted polo shirt (which doesn’t match to the blue jacket).
    Ugly, in my environment only very old, slightly chubby men use to wear those shirts…)
    But, obviously they had fun and that’s nice to watch.

  7. He had more time to be with his co-stars here than at TCA- nice “happy family” vibe ❤

    • I think the discussion forum aspect is important — from our perspective we saw less of that from TCA b/c we were depending on Twitter and a few Snapchats. It’s nice to see the whole twenty minutes of conversation here.

      • Yes, it’s wonderful! And SAG/AFTRA tweeted repeatedly that they will post last night’s session sometime next week! These are great Armitage days ❤

  8. So gorgeous i really don’t have adjectives. He does marvels for that blue and it compliments him nicely 🙂 Lickalicious! (and i like the shoes with the outfit, nice relaxed vibe)

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