~ by Servetus on October 1, 2016.

8 Responses to “Yum.”

  1. Yum indeed. Now if some kind person could just remove the whatsit from his chin I’d be a very happy bunny.


    • Doing that legally usually involves spending ca $200-500, depending on which rights you purchase. Or illegally — but I don’t know how to do that other than to put it in a photo editor and alter it pixel by pixel. If you look on tumblr you should probably find some watermark free images eventually.


  2. Sigh…simply gorgeous. Beautiful. Handsome. And the amazing thing is, that’s just the “frame.” It’s almost unreal.


    • One thing that was interesting to me about this series is that you can really see what they are doing to the pictures — i.e., you see the red carpet and what a chaotic mess it is, and then the first pics come out and they are clearly done with news in mind — not edited very carefully — and then later pics come out and you can tell the photographer has thought about cropping and other editing. This is gorgeous but / and I am now aware this is only an artistic manifestation of how he looked that night.

      But. Yum.


  3. When the panel was asked what were the flaws of the characters didn’t Michelle Forbes say RA’s (as Daniel) was that ‘he was too good looking’? I thought that was funny.


  4. He definitely got “IT”


  5. […] MANY. PHOTOS. though.  How can anyone choose?  I have to agree with Servetus and Veloce that this one is pretty […]


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