Richard Armitage at 10/1 Love Love Love stage door, soirée


~ by Servetus on October 2, 2016.

9 Responses to “Richard Armitage at 10/1 Love Love Love stage door, soirée”

  1. Another new jacket?🙂

    It’s sweet of him to continue doing the stage door. But the play is also opportunity for him to expand his base among veteran theatre goers in New York.

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    • I think that’s happening, from what I’ve seen and read — or at least, there are something like two dozen people waiting at the stage door, which is about five percent of the seats in the theater, so if the rest are not his fans, this is a good gig for him in that sense.

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  2. IIRC he wore this jacket to the Hobbit fan event in 2013 which he attended with Orlando Bloom. Nice!


  3. Nice, short , “higienic” 😉 meetings .


  4. Surely he increasingly appreciates that there is a car waiting for him for to take him home (assuming that’s what he was doing yesterday after those action-packed days and not having another working date!)


    • My impression in London was that the people who got hugs were those who asked for them — not sure if anyone’s asked here yet. Though who knows.


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