This is fascinating #richardarmitage

Second report I’ve had of this happening.


~ by Servetus on October 2, 2016.

7 Responses to “This is fascinating #richardarmitage”

  1. I can confirm that the baby boomers around me laughed a lot during the 3rd act today but don’t know about the millennials–didn’t have any sitting near me.


  2. Wow. I wonder if the boomers were laughing because they would never behave like Sandra and Kenneth. Small chance. Dumping the sick husband is sort of funny in a dark way.


    • From reading, I feel like that act is just one solid weave of generational interactions that are really true to life (as the education people say, “relatable”). It would be painful if not for the absurd / darkly funny elements.


  3. The boomers around me gasped and laughed when Rose made her demand and were silent when Ken gave his answer. I’m going to guess that even though Ken and Rose are horrible parents they still found them and their position understandable.


    • Sorry that should be Ken and Sandra are horrible parents!


      • I’m a Gen Xer and I find their position understandable, lol. But I imagine that it is also one of those moments that many people have een through personally (even if not on that scale of demand).


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