Richard Armitage gets political about the US this time

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~ by Servetus on October 3, 2016.

10 Responses to “Richard Armitage gets political about the US this time”

  1. I really like that he shares his political point of views – 2015/2016 happend so much and it’s good getting public discussion back. Yes, I read some did not share this view but personally I enjoy it and discussing opinions.


    • I think if he’s going to do political theater he does need to be able to speak about these things.

      I guess several people (not necessarily saying you) interpreted this statement as me implying I didn’t think he should make political statements about US politics. That’s not the case and I have been supporting his right to speak politically all summer. I’m also interested in what he has to say. A post requires a headline and I try to go for accurate, descriptive headlines.


      • Yes, i share your opinion. But I heard from several who said they are tired that everyone starts being political – and i was “Huh? We’re living in a world where it should be clear, that political discussion is important, not just by politicans but all of us.” So I just wanted to say “Good that he does it”.


        • I don’t know how he can talk about LLL without being political. I don’t always agree with what he says; I find a lot of what was posted on Twitter naive. But then, I’m a politics maven.


  2. I also appreciate him sharing his polticical views, but there definitely were quite a few people (and I don’t mean you, Servetus) who disliked or outright hated this when he was so politically active a few months ago. Part was not accepting him having / stating a political opinion (How dare he try to influence people… or What does he know.), part was him being anti-Brexit when they themselves were pro-Brexit.

    I do think he might do better with Facebook than Twitter, since longer texts mean that he can say more and thereby avoid at least some misunderstandings that came from the minitexts Twitter reduced him to.


    • I have mixed feelings insofar as I have a lot of politics IRL and fandom was always a sort of haven about that — I find a lot of what people said on his FB post yesterday really irritating / hard to read. I’m hoping that the result of watching that play is NOT that people become more confirmed in their views of this issue. I listened to about all the millennial-bashing I could take in my last job and when I read yet another comment about how this generation lacks values or industry or whatever I want to scream. Not that it’s his fault. Mr. “Armitage-leads-with-the-feelings” is trying to create sympathy among people who have very little of it.

      I think you’re right, though, that he has a better chance of being understood on FB.


      • As a rule I’m happier with what he’s saying than with fan reactions. so I understand your feelings (I think). In his case, I generally get the impression that he means well, but what’s made of that is quite often a different matter. It has definitely led to some animosity a few months ago. And you’re right that LLL and its deeper issues have already led to unpleasant reactions, even without him stirring the pot, so to say. My approach has basically become to enjoy that he shows this side of him and shares his opinions, but to stay well away from discussions with fans on forums or social media websites.


      • Amen on the millennial bashing. Enough already! The young people I have the pleasure of encountering at work are enthusiastic, hard working and really want to do a good job. Some are a bit lost at times and need a little guidance, but aren’t we all from time to time? The place where I work tilts in the direction of youth and I just love that.


        • Im a Gen Xer and they said the same things about us 25 years ago, and I’m willing to bet that there was someone saying the boomers were spoiled and entitled in about 1965 or so.


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