Berlin Station SAG-AFTRA Foundation conversation #richardarmitage drops

~ by Servetus on October 5, 2016.

8 Responses to “Berlin Station SAG-AFTRA Foundation conversation #richardarmitage drops”

  1. That was pretty entertaining. I like it a lot. RA was super sexy too – looking good these days.


  2. That was really interesting. It’s fun to see their interactions and how much the three of them obviously enjoy each other and had a great experience working together in Berlin. Leland Orser is pretty funny. I really like his relaxed way of speaking — that maybe some of his character rubbed off on him! Richard is so much more relaxed in these things than he used to be and I think partially due to the company. Michelle Forbes actually seems like she could be a lot of fun in RL. I’ve started watching the HBO series In Treatment, from years ago, and she is really good in it as the psychologist’s wife.


  3. 16:00 min Ah hahahaha! “prostate”! Love love Leland! 😀


  4. I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching this. There’s still a huge grin on my face, and I’m supposed to be working…
    This ‘poking fingers’ and ‘prostate-thing’ also really got me 😀


  5. I could listen to Richard talk about characters/storylines all day, I love to watch him in interviews! and so maybe his poise has spoiled me b/c the constant “um”s and “you know”s from the other two grated on my nerves. having said that, I felt they all had interesting things to say about their characters. I really enjoyed Leland’s “Golden Girls” story and I found it sweet that Michelle got so emotional about Berlin. also, Richard’s manners at the beginning, not taking his seat until the others were out on stage ❤


  6. Finally got to watch / listen to all of it. This was funnier than the other Q&A.


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