Mina Tander on her role in Berlin Station #richardarmitage

This is mostly advertising for a car and Instagram, but she says one thing about Berlin Station: “It’s a female role of the kind that one is rarely offered.”

~ by Servetus on October 6, 2016.

16 Responses to “Mina Tander on her role in Berlin Station #richardarmitage”

  1. Umm yes… Only a few females have been offered the opportunity she has 😍💓😍 (onscreen, anyway)


  2. Watched the trailer of “Jackie” today and caught myself thinking there is something similar in Mina’s acting with Natalie Portman’s.


  3. Obvious perks for Mina aside, this show is full of strong female characters. Not only do they exist, but they aren’t peripheral supporting roles, they are juicy, and vital to the plot. On top of having so many strong females, they go one further by having an African-American woman as Deputy of the CIA, as well as an Asian-American woman in another key role. This is truly groundbreaking in that regard. As sad as it is that those three things are worth mentioning, this show, and Olen really are to be commended for it. I also just love Mina, and her romance with Richard.


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