No wonder the guy stays away from the water


~ by Servetus on October 8, 2016.

14 Responses to “No wonder the guy stays away from the water”

  1. I thought he was a child when he nearly drowned, not during The Hobbit.


    • Armitage said that he nearly drowned when he was a child. I don’t remember hearing this Hobbit story before but I have a vague memory of something like it — his barrel getting away from the others or something? Maybe someone else remembers.


      • Does anyone know what GM said here? I remember hearing that, during the barrel scene, he climbed out near the shore but his clothes became waterlogged and he was swept away by the current.


  2. I wonder when that happened — it must have been the scene with the barrels? I cannot think of another water scene.


  3. IIRC I only have a partial memory but it was when they were on the Polaris River. He drifted out of the “safe” area and was rescued by a stunt man. I believe the currents in the river are very strong.


    “The production shot in the Polaris River in New Zealand with an “extremely fast flowing river,” according to Richard. The scene calls for the dwarves to outrun the Orcs in barrels down a river. Dwarves such as Thorin, Kili, and Fili fend off the Orcs while navigating the dangerous river. Bilbo, Martin Freeman had it worse as he had no barrel and hung on to dear life to another barrel.”


  4. He did nearly drown as a child when his push-chair fell into a neighbour’s pond IIRC and him being under water for some time but I also recall it being mentioned that he had to be rescued by a stunt man when the current got him. He was wearing a very heavy costume at the time was he not? With his phobia I don’t know how he still manages to train for underwater stuff as well as volunteering to be water-boarded! And not just once – although to my mind the Spooks/MI-5 one looked even scarier than the Strike Back incident. He has also admitted to panicking when training for the submarine shots in Captain America. Not surprising! 😦


  5. If I remember rightly he mentioned that his cry in the water-boarded scene in Spooks was his real panic yell. He also indicated that there were some awful moments during the filming of the barrel scene but I didn’t hear some explanation of himself.


  6. You really have to admire that he keeps on facing such situations despite his phobia. But isn’t it rotten luck that it was him who was swept away in the river? I remember a humorous mentioning (maybe in the Appendices?) of some actor/s being swept by the current beyond the safety zone and the others seeing him / them disappearing down the river towards a rather dangerous river zone, but then safety personel came to the rescue. They made it sound funny, but didn’t mention any names. It’s safe to say this would be far from funny for someone who almost drowned as a child.


  7. I guess Richard Jenkins got that scene this time 🙂


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