A very colorful kiss #richardarmitage



~ by Servetus on October 9, 2016.

20 Responses to “A very colorful kiss #richardarmitage”

  1. where did this come from?


  2. They have finally clued in on how to properly sell this play! Enough with the generational politics, bring on the Armitage effect!


    • Quel producteur ne serait pas tenté de faire appel au goût des fans pour l’aspect indéniable de “gogo dancer” d’ Armitage? Comme vous, je regrette que ce recours soit quasiment systématique, désormais. Les fans, victimes consentantes, sont pris au piège et tombent en pamoison! Mais qui peut s’offrir un voyage à New York pour admirer ses pectoraux? Peut-il encore y avoir un film sans déshabillage? Peut-être ce sera ” Pilgrimage”? Dans ce monde de fous, où l’apparence et le mauvais goût priment, au dessus, il n’y a seulement que le règne de l’argent. Pauvre Richard (Thorin) qui prône les valeurs inverses, dans ses prêches.

      What producer would not be tempted to appeal to the taste of fans to the undeniable aspect of “gogo dancer” of Armitage? Like you, I regret that this action is almost routine now. Fans, willing victims are trapped and fall swoon! But who can afford a trip to New York to admire his pecs? Can it still be a film without undressing? Perhaps it will be “Pilgrimage”? In this crazy world, where appearance and bad taste prevail, above, there is only the rule of money. Poor Richard (Thorin) which advocates the inverse values in his sermons. (from google traduction)


  3. I spy, with my little eye, a chest that appears to be waxed!


  4. Much better hair! He has a face again.


  5. No, but I just saw that episode of Classic Star Trek where they pick up the space hippies — he looks a llittle like those guys.


  6. I don’t care about waxed chest or whatever, he looks delicious to me 🙂


  7. […] MCLANE’S PRODUCTION PHOTO VIDEO ON INSTAGRAM The vid was great, but OMG the screencaps! Servetus may have been the first to grab some and post a few (?) and of course we all love the kiss and the bare chest. But this one is the one that […]


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