Don’t let’s forget about Hurricane Matthew victims

I know my mind was somewhere else for most of today, but those in the path of Hurricane Matthew need our help and our prayers. The following reasonably reputable charities with solid track records in Haiti are soliciting donations to support their work in Haiti. As always, research the charity of your choice to make sure it fulfills your expectations. Red Cross is probably one to avoid this time around.

It is thought in Haiti that money that reaches local organizations does the most good. I admit I have not researched these in depth, but I have read the following ones recommended in two to three places:

Help in the US:


~ by Servetus on October 10, 2016.

2 Responses to “Don’t let’s forget about Hurricane Matthew victims”

  1. That is wonderful to put this up. Even as far up as Virginia Beach ( where I am typing from) there have been uprooted trees and thousands without electricity and still places flooded. They told us at the front desk there are still places people are using canoes to get around. It is hard to believe this far up from NC. But it was a mess as we came into here.


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