me + the global media tour

So — I have a job interview tomorrow and then Yom Kippur starts tomorrow evening, so I am really pressed for time today and will not be able to watch this one unfold in real time. I’ll have to catch up tonight.

Here‘s a review of Berlin Station in French. Leave a comment if you would like me to do a translation. Thanks to everyone who forwarded this to me.

Here‘s the site for the Berlin Station BUILD event — starts in about an hour (1 p.m. US Eastern time). I’m hoping that their promise to capture and post it sticks.

Here’s the Richard Armitage live feed on Twitter.

Catch you later.

~ by Servetus on October 10, 2016.

29 Responses to “me + the global media tour”

  1. Bon chance on the interview

  2. all the best for your interview tomorrow!

  3. Break a leg tomorrow.

  4. Good luck with the job interview!

  5. Hope the interview went very well! 🍀

    Yes, the live stream was smooth and went without a hitch.

    RA looked tired but still fab. Lovely hair! Loved his outfit too (think matching muted hues of blue and grey).

    He was relaxed and joked around with MF a couple of times.

    Some content was a repeat of previous BS interviews, other content was (more general and) new to me.

    It was exciting to watch him “live”.



  6. I kept pausing during the event so I could put the pumpkin pie together for tonight and missed the last question or so. Bummer. But it was really good…good questions, excellent answers. There seems genuine affection between Michelle and Richard and the moderator/host whatever he is supposed to be called was thoughtful and did a good job, it went very well. And RA is looking super handsome and fit (meant in a non creepy way in view of recent events)

  7. Sorry, just realised you are yet to have the interview. Viel Glück für morgen!

  8. Fingers crossed for your interview

  9. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  10. good luck on your job interview

  11. Best of luck on the interview!

  12. Hope the interview goes really well!

  13. Positive vibes for your interview heading your way. I am sure you will do well, after all, you are … you!

  14. I hope that the job is something that can really be a joyful, fulfilling experience for you, not just a filler.

  15. Good luck at the interview!

  16. Un grand merci pour cet article, “le Monde” a toujours été un journal à articles de qualité. Désolée je ne me lancerai pas dans une traduction. Trop complexe pour moi.
    Que les “Dieux” soit avec vous demain. Bonne chance!

  17. Good luck with the interview, Serv!

  18. I hope your interview goes well, Serv! Look forward to your thoughts on the “global media” blitz whenever you have time 🙂

  19. best of luck for the interview, hope it goes really well!

  20. Wishing you an easy fast

  21. Thanks loads for all the positive wishes! Will definitely take them with me tomorrow.

  22. Hope it went well!

  23. Good luck for the interview Serv!!!

  24. Read this too late, sorry! I hope the interview went well!

  25. Sorry I read this post only now and I also hope your interview went well and you will get a positive answer. If there is still an interest in translation of the french article I can do it

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