For the record, today’s deleted tweets from Richard Armitage

Thanks to the fan who captured these.

[Tweet linked to IG]


~ by Servetus on October 11, 2016.

20 Responses to “For the record, today’s deleted tweets from Richard Armitage”

  1. sigh… What on earth he thought wrong with those is beyond me… They’re nice…


  2. I loved that first one, but hadn’t seen the second two. Did someone take a verbal swing at Josh Horowitz? Because it looks like Richard felt the need to clarify the humour of the first tweet. sigh


    • From an exchange of tweets, it looks like someone took a swing at RA for being ‘rude’ to Horowitz. Also, was there another deleted tweet? The implication is that he used a starred 4-letter word in his joking which someone objected to. But I might have misunderstood.


      • If someone was rude to Horowitz, I didn’t see it. The “f***” tweet deletion was a separate incident (there were two that days). That’s what I was discussing in my post about predictability.


  3. He pulled it down from insta, but left it up on FB. Odd.


  4. I think some people found the 2nd tweet interesting re: “We’re just waking up now….” And he then hastened to assure everyone he was kidding about the whole thing – that’s my take on it. It all seemed to happen fairly quickly, so who knows?


  5. It’s a shame because I enjoyed the banter today- I felt like he was having fun and we were invited to join in. I much prefer these posts ( which I think I saw on IG as I’m generally in the wrong hemisphere to catch the tweets as they happen) to the full on publicity ones but I guess you can’t please all the people, all the time..

    I’m also a regular user of the F word (and I’m a mother) so I didn’t actually notice that as naughty behaviour until someone else took offence.


    • He always seems to be struggling between a petty bourgeois notion of manners / propriety and a more frank style … these tweets fell victim, I think.


  6. Sigh… Sounds like there was a misunderstanding and he promptly removed the tweets. It’s a pity, I enjoyed the funny back and forth that day.


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  8. I think it was because that plate of food was so ugly.


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