Looks like owe Richard Armitage’s clothes today to Ilaria Urbinati again, so …

What say you?

I liked the shoes but felt they went poorly with the trousers, about which I was meh. The best thing about them was that they were tight. The shirt was fine but nothing special. I liked the raincoat the best, I guess. And still those round sunglasses. Hmmm.

Did anyone really love or hate this one?


~ by Servetus on October 11, 2016.

24 Responses to “Looks like owe Richard Armitage’s clothes today to Ilaria Urbinati again, so …”

  1. Ich mag es (surprise, surprise) 😉

  2. The shoes make the rest of the outfit worthwhile. I’m jealous of his shoe closet! The pants are meh. He doesn’t pull off patterned pants well. The raincoat is okay too. I like the shirt.

  3. I loved his whole outfit today. Totally worked well all pieces together. Love it. It was appropriate, the colours on him were great, the style on him was great and the shoes were fantastic. Fantastic outfit for a Monday press junket. And his hair is long enough to just get the hint of curl. He looked fab.

  4. I don’t hate it…in fact, I love, love, love those shoes. He does look great in blue, but isn’t that getting a wee bit redundant by now?

  5. I like the shirt, not to crazy about the shoes or pants. I think he would of looked a little bit better maybe wearing black jeans or blue jeans and black /brown shoes or a nice pair of tennis shoes. Mr. Richard Armitage’s hair was nice but I wish he would brush it to the other side or brush it back or just wash it and towel dry it or air dry( don’t add mousse or gel)

  6. The shoes were what tipped me off that he was “dressed.” Otherwise nothing remarkable about the outfit. He looks good in blue, the shirt fit him well and the pants were tight. What more could you want?! I really don’t like the sunglasses though. He used to wear (WoF for example) a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses that I like much better.

  7. Blue is my colour, and the man who wears it, is gorgeos, so what can I say?

  8. Loved the colors, but… the Jacket… too shiny. and he shouldn’t wear skinny jeans… seriously….

  9. The idea of the colour of the shoes to continue into the trousers – or the other way around – is really neat, I think. Love the shoes, but the fit of the trousers isn’t good. Now, my English fashion terminology isn’t sufficient, but it seems the trousers are too wide around the (delectable) behind/mid-section, but comparatively too narrow around the legs. I know it’s the trend, but if the clothes don’t sit/fit well, then it’s off, IMHO.
    The coat is great, and love the bright, blue colour – also suits RA really well.

  10. Overall, I liked it . But the shiny coat is not my favourite, and I don’t think he has the body type that suits the narrow pants. Not many mature men can pull off that cut of trousers. My very tall, slender, teenage son can wear skinny jeans or narrow dress pants because he has narrow hips, long legs, and a small bum. Armitage has very long legs but his hips are fairly wide for a man, so the proportions don’t look right. I could forgive him if he selected the clothes himself, but a stylist did, and she has made some weird choices for him in the past. Sometimes I wonder if he uses her because other “big stars” do. Overall, I think he looks more himself when he picks his own clothes. I really love those shoes, but think they would look best with a pair of jeans.

  11. I loved everything about it! Ok, the cut of the trousers is as it is but that’s always problematic in his case with off the rack stuff. I knew i had seen those desert boots somewhere 😉 I would love to have a pair of those myself 🙂 I love the combination of the dusty greys and that particular shade of blue. And the coat is to die for. Yep, love how it looks on him, love everything about it. These colours do amazing things for him and simplicity works for me. Oh, i want the coat too 🙂

    • Your words are close to my heart. Goodness, this appearance was really smashing. I do love those colours on him and those beautiful soft grey shoes! (Ok, ok! I usually think his shoes are fantastic!) The colours flatter his complexion immensely, and although I’m not a fan of too tight trousers (he is no teenie anymore!!) these one’s declaredly attracted my fullest (and much more !! 😉 attention!! Such perfection!!

  12. RA must have a very large closet for all these new clothes😉!! I like the coat on him, it is a beautiful colour and creates a flamboyant look on RA.
    I wonder how much Ilaria’s charges for her services? Because it appears to me that RA is trying to get as much value for money out of her advice given the number of times he has sported the sports shirt/narrow trouser/ sneaker look at recent BS public appearances! As a result, I think he is at risk of appearing like a clothes horse at times, and trying just that bit too hard on the style front at times IMO.

    • If his SOP holds from the past, some of it gets sent back. I don’t know that she ever took responsibility for TCA, though (she was asked). re: how much — I vaguely remember reading a figure a long time ago, but it’s conditioned a lot by the additional services, e.g., if necessary she will also fold it and pack it for you with detailed instructions about how to wear everything.

  13. mmm…longer hair ! Looks scrumptious 🙂 I like that shiny raincoat ..but not on him 😉

    • Same for me. IMO the coat is much too shiny for a man and I neither like the trousers nor the shoes. Hard to bear this time. I like him better in the look of LIFF 2015, dark jacket, slim, but not skinny trousers and sneakers. And shorter hair. Btw: Where is his nice beard? Sigh…

  14. He looks good the shoes ok the pants ok shirt nice but the rain coat nah still he looks good anyway love that you posted all these pictures of him Big Thank You!!!

  15. I didn’t see the reference to Ilaria, but, weighing in here – in the Instagram you posted ” who wore it best” I note that Hiddleston was wearing a suit in almost the same color as Armitage’s trenchcoat. ( Richard Armitage wore it best, I love the boots and want them. (I also want MF’s pants unless they are leggings) I thought the outfit was fine, but hated the color of the trench coat. I can’t believe he would choose to go out in that color coat. Hated the sun glasses. John Lennon came to mind.

    • Exactly this. John Lennon 🙂
      And I not only want Michelle Forbes’ trousers, but her entire outfit is fantastic. Just my style ❤

  16. I like the color of the shirt, trousers and shoes, but I don’t like the shiny blue of the raincoat, just as the cut(model), with the huge collar.For me it is a coat for a woman not for a man

  17. It is REALLY astounding how widely our opinions differ!

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