Will Richard Armitage be back for a second season of Berlin Station?



~ by Servetus on October 11, 2016.

7 Responses to “Will Richard Armitage be back for a second season of Berlin Station?”

  1. Now you have to raise your eyebrow on this note about him having to shoot two endings hmmm….I hope that he will continue if a season 2. So far the response to the first two episodes is good thumbs up. You never know about a spy like James Bond he always came back after being shot too hint hint Thanks for sharing this and photos love it all


  2. “Thiis is an actor who won’t be easily categorized.”
    I love it 😉


  3. I think Richard does this to offer himself and out if he is offered another project that he definitely wants to take.. this way if they have to throw it in by a certain date. it is filmed. Maybe I am wrong. But he always seems to go with the flow so easily from one to the other.


    • They ordered five seasons of scripts, so my suspicion is that they have an option on him for five years (in most American tv series, it’s actually seven). He was (justly) reluctant to get back into tv for this reason.


  4. Really good article, I liked it. It wasn’t all about the show, he mixed it up pretty good. He is also the first reviewer, that I am aware of anyways, to address the shocking thing that happens to Miller in the beginning of the first episode (didn’t want to say what it was since it’s a spoiler – but, it is in the article we are discussing here).


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