Yael Farber will be doing Salomé in 2017 — in England


~ by Servetus on October 11, 2016.

10 Responses to “Yael Farber will be doing Salomé in 2017 — in England”

  1. Yup, at the National, i will duly trod along (although i much prefer the opera version to the play in this case) . But before that i need to get myself a ticket for the Red Barn with Mark Strong which of course is mostly sold out..


  2. Hmm, RA as John the Baptist… that would work for me until he lost his head…


  3. So far it says at the Theatre’s website: “The cast includes Olwen Fouéré. ” Does anybody know if RA is (likely) to be involved?


  4. RA’s got to be involved. This will be my chance to see him, and I’ll buy multiple tickets to increase my chances. London rain isn’t gonna stop me next time!


  5. Play scheduled from May next year, so we’ll see but i sort of doubt it tbh. I’d rather wait for another one..


    • This could be the one. Salome is one of those memorable, gut-wrenching plays that stays in your mind for a very long time. However, it somehow works better in opera. I know it’s old and predictable, but I’d go to London to see it – preferably if it’s got RA in it 🙂

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      • I’ll see it as i kind of like her take on things. Les Blancs was however much more my thins than Salome would be. I want some Shakespeare… but i will probably never get it 🙂 I think i was way to spoiled with the Crucible, i’ll always long for something that satisfies me by seeing him but equally with the subject. Salome ain’t it. Although i like the opera (the particular production i have seen more often especially) it’s not something i’d like to see several times. But we’ll see. Not like we have any influence on it whatsoever. Just frustrates me that i like all the other plays i see more than the ones he picks (potentially, if this was his choice for example, but true for LLL as well)


  6. This is not the Oscar Wilde Salome but one written by Farber herself – a total (and very feminist) upending of the tale. I saw it during its run in Washington last year. Very inventive conceptually and visually, and very good acting. Try as I might I don’t love her writing (I’ve also seen her Nirbhaya) – it feels like a series of overwrought declarations rather than dialogue. But overall I still liked a lot about the play. The two biggest parts are female( together they play Salome), and Fourere, who also starred in the Washington production, is excellent.


  7. I would wish him another play in England, especially at the National (not least because they stream so many of their productions, so potentially we wouldn’t have to replay this fandom tension over those who can go and those who can’t). That said, I would be ambivalent about the project itself and I don’t personally need to see another Yael Farber production. But I’m sure it would be career-building for him, so.


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