Yeah, I don’t like the sunglasses


~ by Servetus on October 11, 2016.

21 Responses to “Yeah, I don’t like the sunglasses”

  1. Somehow this pseudo-retro things is… a mess. I mean, nice colours but.. A shiny trench, a somewhat elvis-hair and brown-yellow sunglasses… my my my. I am no professional stylist but… welldressed is different.

  2. …. me either 😎

  3. I LOVED his first OTD, every part of it. To me it’s the best he has looked in ages.

  4. Now that I’m back from vacation and have gotten a good look at them:. YUCK!!

    Do like those nice suede shoes though. Not being catty, but wonder if those are a dig at a certain vegan.

  5. My point about the trouser-fit is also obvious here. The legs are too narrow (and too short). This IS the trend, but I don’t think it suits RA.
    I’m OK with the glasses, but why wear sunglasses if you need a raincoat?

  6. Hate the whole thing. Halloween early? Shoes are OK, but the iridescent coat and the glasses, the worst.

  7. The outfit, grey chukkas, and hair I love. I thought he looked great. They did seem quite tight when sitting, or when his hands were in his pockets. The shiny, blue raincoat, IDK, not so much. He should have gone with a navy pea coat. He’s channeling Kenneth with the glasses, so I guess they’re ok. As far as needing sunglasses, yesterday was a very bright, sunny day.

  8. I’m totally with you on the shades. They suck. The shape, the colour, yuck.

    I did love yesterday’s outfit and hair but I still preferred it when he didn’t look like a mannequin (überstylish clothes, coiffed hair etc). I feel that MF might have spent less time getting ready! (But I guess that’s the price of making it in Hollywood when you’re not 25 anymore.) Does Rhys Ifans run around all dolled up? Anyway. What do I know.

  9. I’m with you about the sunglasses. Not my favourites!

  10. I like shoes….that is it.

  11. I’ve been enjoying reading the posts on his outfit – it’s interesting to see so many different points of view. It just goes to show that there is no ‘right’ way to dress. I liked the outfit apart from the trench, and agree his pea coat would have been a better choice. And yes, the sunglasses are all wrong- let’s hope he loses them or sits on them very soon!

  12. Shoes I absolutely love. Shades no, He looks like ” John Lennon”. No

  13. Irish Witch beat me to it – yes, those sunnies are more John Lennon than true aviator which suit him better. I love trench coats, on men and women, but not the shiny blue fabric of this one. Having said that, I loved his top/pants/shoes combo – blue suits him so well imho.

  14. Ditto on John Lennon. That is exactly what came to mind for me. Yuck.

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