Collateral attractions: Halt and Catch Fire 3.9 and 3.10


Lee Pace dancing in a chunky 90s kind of way. YES. What else can I say?

Seriously, though — I missed episode 8 and it looks like I need to go back (do not ask me when that will happen) to see how Joe reacted to Ryan’s suicide. However, I really enjoyed these two episodes and so when I read this afterward, it very much made sense.

It seemed to me that this finale was written in a way that could have made it a credible end to the series, but I was glad we’ll get to see one more season, just because (if they aren’t going to do me the favor of writing Cameron out, as I was hoping two weeks ago), we’ll go back to that tension-filled triumvirate of Cameron, Gordon and Joe that provided the show with such energy in the first season — this time, apparently, with Donna as their opponent. (The whole Tom thing has never really worked for me.)

One thing I continue to enjoy about this show is its sheer brutality — so many scenes in both these episodes made me reel emotionally as a viewer. Gordon’s dating tape, Joanie’s campaign against her father, Cameron informing Donna they can’t work together (and, in fact, all the scenes in the old Mutiny headquarters where the principals brutalize each other), the awkward way that Cameron and Joe have sex on the cusp between force and pleasure, Tom’s insistence that Cameron leave with him and her refusal, Donna’s anger in the car. I don’t kid myself that most people are this direct in real life, and they certainly weren’t in the late 80s — drama enhances that effect — but there’s something compelling, magnetic about the not-dressed-up straightforwardness with which the script plays all of this. Even when things happen in the dark, we seem to be looking at them through merciless, unrelenting eyes.

~ by Servetus on October 13, 2016.

10 Responses to “Collateral attractions: Halt and Catch Fire 3.9 and 3.10”

  1. Cameron has dark hair now? Wow, that’s an real improvement!!! 😉
    Thanks for your posts about this show!!!


    • It just looks that way in that light — it’s a sort of bottle blond color with dark roots in the lighter scenes.

      I wish I’d had time to write about the show in more detail, but I am sure you will be able to see it soon (if you haven’t already, cough).


  2. I think I’ve seen Lee dancing 🙂


  3. The whole Cameron/Joe thing needs to die. The whole Cameron/Tom thing needs to die. That being said, Joe being an asshole is my favorite kind of Joe.
    Donna/Gordon needs to happen like yesterday.
    Lack of reflection on Ryan’s death was terrible. Especially from Joe.
    Gotta say if I had to pick between Donna and Cameron, I’m choosing Donna every time. You don’t fuck with Donna. Cameron is over her head when it comes to playing games with Donna. Plus she is as self centered as ever.
    Joe is going to get burned next year. “I’m in love with her.” Joe, you fool.
    What is Gordon’s disease – some type of kidney thing?


  4. Just finished the season last night. I think I need to watch the end again. I didn’t quite get why Cameron dumped Donna at the last minute. I felt all along that Tom served no real purpose. Obviously, Joe and Cameron never stopped loving each other, as dysfunctional as it has always been. Poor Gordon, they have to give him a win in the last season. I would think they would bring Bos back in for season four? To be continued.


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