I just signed us up for EPIX

screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-12-25-49-amI find this hilarious, insofar as this is the first time that my primary method for viewing something Richard Armitage is in on television will be entirely legal.


And as a corollary, to do this I set up dad’s online TWC account. Now I can catch up on Halt and Catch Fire, too.

Giggling. Maybe it’s just the post-fast weirdness.

EPIX, you owe this entirely to the power of Richard Armitage. I hope you take that seriously and respond appropriately. Order more episodes of Berlin Station, now!


~ by Servetus on October 13, 2016.

36 Responses to “I just signed us up for EPIX”

  1. Well done you! 😉


  2. He said he was flabby not sure that is right not in this show that shower scene WOW looks good to me 😉


    • I imagine he, like many people in their 40s, looks at his body and realizes it is not quite what it was twenty years ago. I don’t think he’s flabby but I felt for him 🙂


      • I wonder how he feels about his looks now. He always maintained he didn’t much like his face when he was younger and could not understand what women saw in him. Presumably that changed post-Hobbit when women from all corners of the globe went gaga for him? 😉 I mean surely you cannot have declarations of love tweeted at you every day and not have it go to your head just the tiniest little bit? 😝


        • I can’t venture to say, but the messages of how attractive he was began in 2004, well before The Hobbit. If he had a deep-seated conviction that he was not attractive, I don’t know how much fan attention would change it. I know how this works in my own psyche, anyway, and other people’s opinions have almost no effect on how I see myself.

          Or, you may be right, and he has been convinced.

          Or, those statements might have been self-deprecation / modesty.


          • I remember!! The AA crashed the Beeb website! 😂

            MF throwing herself at him at every interview can’t hurt! Still haven’t worked out whether that’s marketing or real. 😝

            Either way, he does seem under pressure to “make it” before his “sell-by date” which must be very stressful.


      • Poor Richard, it does happen to all of us. He’s so active he’ll be able to hold it off for quite awhile.


  3. Irgendwelche bewusstseinserweiternde Substanzen in deiner Nähe unterwegs? giggling


  4. I can’t begin to explain the hoops I am going through in Mexico to get EPIX live and legal. It involves a ROKU box or stick with a special live TV package ( not even sure I trust it – all streamed) with apparently 500 live channels ( really – 500?), then a subscription to Sling TV, and then the Sling package with EPIX. Or, I can just get SLING + EPIX and watch on the laptop. Or, as the bad guys used to say ” vee have our vays”


  5. Are you using Sling, or upgrading your cable?


    • I added EPIX to our cable. $9.99/month, although you have to take it for a year.


      • You have to take it for a year? I never heard of that with a subscription channel. Did you say you had TWC?


        • I think it was more, month by month. But I am not super worried, insofar as (a) it has a lot of movies that dad might want to watch and (b) TWC customer service is … interesting. It’s not that difficult to get them to modify your bill or package if you threaten to leave the network entirely. I suspect that if we don’t want to keep it and I call, they’ll be cooperative.

          They started transmitting it right away, incidentally, and one of EPIX “America Divided” episodes was on. I watched about a half hour before tearing myself away. Really intelligent programming.

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      • Okay, I wasn’t sure if TWC is a cable company. It’s not one I’ve heard of. I guess I’ll add Sling + Epix. I’ll see in December if I want to keep it.


  6. I added Epix onto my programming thru Dish Network, yesterday too. It’s only $7.00/mth. I’ll record all the Berlin Station shows then cancel when it’s done. I do this with HBO every year so I can watch Game Of Thrones.


  7. Wish I could get EPIX in Canada.
    And hey…..I’d “crawl all over him” too, if given the opportunity!


    • oh, me too. Just that Callies is married (or was at the time, I don’t follow her), so it wasn’t as convincing 🙂


  8. It would be so nice if Epix could get onto all the different cable companies.


  9. Evangeline Lily is in a long term relationship as well, but I think she has a huge crush too.


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