Just take a deep breath

and remind yourself that Spooks often got negative reviews as well.

~ by Servetus on October 13, 2016.

20 Responses to “Just take a deep breath”

  1. ommmmmmm


    • LOL. I didn’t find this show talking (in comparison, say, to The Night Manager). But whatever.


      • Just curious… Did you like The Night Manager? In spite of really liking both lead actors (loved House and Loki), I couldn’t get past the first couple of episodes.


        • I tried to watch the first episode twice and fell asleep both times. Since I am actually getting 8-9 hours of sleep regularly now, this can’t be attributed to exhaustion as it might have been five years ago. So I’m officially on record as thinking that it’s dramatically (and apart from Hiddleston, who’s cute) visually boring. (Sorry — I know a lot of people enjoyed it!!)


  2. I feel as you do. I think they had to set things up in the first episode, and that it will get more tense and interesting as time goes on. Just learned that the least likely person I could think of in NY subscribed to EPX to see this – without knowing of the Armitage connection ( or, LOL, despite it – she said it had something to do with the advertising)


  3. I hope this doesn’t sound too arrogant, but I’m getting the impression that the fact that they tried to make a series with depth and complexity which takes its time to introduce its characters and topic is just too demanding for some reviewers. “Where’s the next action or sex scene? This is just too boring…”

    But I am breathing deeply… 😉


    • I think whether you are grabbed by that beginning sequence is a taste thing. (Remember the split reactions to Lola rennt?) If you are, then you want the backstory — if you’re not, then it’s going to seem like choppy storytelling in places.


    • I think a lot of the same types of reviewers judge on what they consider to be the fashionable tropes of the genre and don’t take into account different approaches to genre. Also, a lot of these same types of reviewers said The Americans was too slow in its first season because, while it had a lot of sex scenes, it dealt too much with the marital issues of the spies (never mind that the show is as much about an extraordinary marriage as much as it is about spying).

      The idea that a complicated scenario needs a slow and thoughtful build doesn’t always occur to them and sometimes they don’t have the patience for it. Some reviewers admit that their review might be different if they could see the whole season, but so often reviews are based on screeners of just a few episodes. Then the reviewer has to make sweeping statements about an entire show based on half the story. I wonder if the writers approached the season like approaching a novel, so the reviews are kind of like getting reviews of the first third of a novel.


    • Yes, I like that you need to pay attention, to watch a few times to catch more details. Then more I see, the more I want. Plus, ya know, Richard.


  4. Shut up Ben Travers!!


  5. What can I say ? Exploding bombs and car races make me zzzzzzz…
    I fell asleep in the middle of the latest Jason Bourne 😀


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