Judi’s back

Judi’s restarting her blog and I know she would love some love. Check it out. I’ve missed you, J.

Here’s a picture of Guy changing his clothes. I know he’s your favorite.


~ by Servetus on October 14, 2016.

14 Responses to “Judi’s back”

  1. Well now, that photo was the first good thing about this day.


  2. Thanks for the shout out Serv, and the lovely picture. 🙂


    • Hi Judi, was trying to leave a comment on the blog but like for Perry it was telling me i am a bot! snif. Anyway, until that works just wanted to leave this here 🙂 x ‘Oh, so glad you are back and really sorry about the nasty months. Hope the new place is working well in spite of troubles. And hope you are ok health wise, that sounds like a rough patch. May good things come your way and also inspiration :-)It’s been an odd year all round but maybe the tide will turn soon? At least we don’t see to me short on distractions at the moment.
      A hearty welcome back from me too!’


  3. Awww, Yes!


  4. Help. I’ve tried since this morning to leave a comment. Now they tell me that I’m a bot. I know I commented on he blog in the past.


  5. Sorry all. I disabled the plug-in which is supposed to stop bot spam. Apparently it’s worthless. Do try again, and thanks for your patience.


  6. I love that pic, and scene. It’s almost as good as the tin man scene, when Marion wants to touch his chest.


  7. Goodmorning from Holland, I think we see?! eachother for the first time, because I’m short on you tube. Very nice to meet jou here. I hope to hear from you! I don’t know the reason why you leaving, but I’m glad to have you back.


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