“Worth [it] for [Richard] Armitage’s performance alone”



~ by Servetus on October 15, 2016.

9 Responses to “ “Worth [it] for [Richard] Armitage’s performance alone””

  1. … I was going to say, obviously I’m a totally different kind of human being, one of the older ones/not soo old ones!!!!(?) First and foremost being German (! 😁 ), not watching TV that much, especially not many series, I don’t have the faintest kind of clue why they (various critics) are repeatedly talking about slow pace, lack of urgency, even about the story being boring. Is it all about the fast kick, THE BIG BOOM BANG? I love it when films take their time, and give us some needed background infos about the persons involved. I like to explore the surroundings as well. hahaha… I’m one of those who liked “Heimat” (16 hours) ☺ I know, I know… COLLIDER has a different audience. Well, ok…only wanted to say !


    • Few murders, no explosions.

      Little known fact from my professional history: in my first semester of grad school, one of our seminars watched all of Heimat in the original but without even German subtitles. I liked it even when I didn’t understand 90 percent of what was said, but it was better with the High German subtitles.


      • Ah, wonderful that you know what I’m talking about. “High German subtitles” 😀 😉


        • The line that sticks with me from that series was the grandmother who kept saying “alles auf Pump” and then shaking her head in a reproachful way.


          • You’re good to remember this! It’s such a typical and familiar expression one could hear a lot over the years esp from older people. Probably not so often anymore nowadays (…though it’s still true!!! 😉 )


            • I think one thing that was really useful about that show (and this isn’t an original insight, a lot of scholars have said this) is the way it put the regionalism that even now characterizes Germany (and German thinking about Germany) at the center of the story. In one of the first sequences the narrator says something like “Hunsrücker Platt ist das schönte Platt” and it’s just such a characteristic statement. I could have heard variations of that from almost every German friend I have (or their parents or grandparents).


              • Absolutely! This is especially true for Bavaria, with it’s strong traditional sense of Bavarian identity 😉 And as you surely know there are even a lot of remarkable regional differences within this state. I remember when I saw the series in the Eightees, all the people and their stories stayed with me for a very, very long time!


  2. Well that’s interesting in that one review, I forget which one, said Armitage’s performance wasn’t very good, but this reviewer liked Armitage’s performance in particular.


    • The Spooks reviews were often like that, back in the day. One reviewer praised Armitage’s sensitive acting, another one said he was wooden-faced.


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