I let go / The name I held only for myself to step sharply into yours

I just saw ANOTHER new Berlin Station ad, including excerpts from reviews that only appeared today. On the local FOX affiliate (I know, I know. Dad watches it). Lots of drums, flashy graphics, bright colors.

Richard Armitage looks so good on the living room television. Gosh! And so legal!

So anyway — tomorrow morning we will get up even before milking (as Dad informed me; no cows here, though) and drive to Minnesota for the wedding of his grand-niece (my first cousin once removed). I will be incommunicado all day Saturday and the first part of Sunday. I definitely will be back for the premiere on Sunday, and will probably do some ICYMI posts as I catch up with stuff.


~ by Servetus on October 15, 2016.

6 Responses to “I let go / The name I held only for myself to step sharply into yours”

  1. Have the kind of fun and interesting day that a road trip to Minnesota with your dad, a wedding full of relatives, complete with all the dysfunctional relationships that implies, can afford you. 😱 No seriously, have a great day catching up with your family. Drive safe. Hurry back, withdrawal insues, especially in the midst of almost constant activity.


  2. That’s a beautiful photo.


  3. lol….so legal.


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