Richard Armitage reiterates care for U.S. politics


~ by Servetus on October 16, 2016.

15 Responses to “Richard Armitage reiterates care for U.S. politics”

  1. I agree the US election effects us all. Canada is watching closely (riveted actually)

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  2. I didn’t raelize this when I posted it but it looks like he got a lot of grief on twitter for stating that he was feeling patriotic about the US. Tja.

    Affirming the disjunct. The world needs to take a class in how to avoid this error.


    • I don’t know what disjunct means (even tho I looked it up I didn’t grasp what I was reading). I for one had no problem with what he said, I think it nice that he feels strongly about somewhere he has made home for 5 years and I don’t think it disloyal to Britain or impossible to feel like you have more than one home as I think many immigrants do or citizens of the world I am assuming RA is, living on two continents and working for lengthy periods of time all over the globe.


      • I agree with you. Du to my work I moved to different places where I feeled home after a certain time. I name myself a European. I live now in France for a long time and I take a great interest in what’s going on around me in this country. It is possible to feel home in different countries.


        • Absolutely. (Although I would argue how I feel about Germany, where I lived for so long, is different from how I feel about the US.)


      • Affirming the disjunct is a situation where you argue based on someone’s affirmative assertion (“I like carrots”) that they have implied a negatie assertion about something else (“I like carrots” means “I hate beans.”) In this case, there was a whole crowd of people who assumed that b/c he said he felt patriotic about the US that he was now no longer patriotic about the UK. Elementary reasoning error. It’s a special case of something you probably learned about in school called “false dilemma.”


  3. I agree. Having moved abroad 20 years ago and being invested in the politics of my adopted country doesn’t mean I don’t care about the politics of my home country. Not least because my family still lives there and is directly affected.

    Incidentally, I think this is another tweet that has bitten the dust. Unless I am missing something.

    I wasn’t really sure whether he read fan tweets but he seems to have done so yesterday. I think the above tweet was a knee jerk reaction to a couple of British followers worrying about him forgetting his roots. That seems to have stung. My reading of his tweeting behaviour is that it is very impulsive when followers press certain buttons. You almost want to tell him to count to ten sometimes. 😝 I do wonder why he cares what some followers think. Why does he feel the need to justify himself? Interesting.


    • He never tweeted this one for some reason. It was only on FB.

      I agree that I don’t understand his twitter behavior very well. It consistently rewards certain behaviors that are probably not praiseworthy.


  4. ❤ My favorite idealist . Oh Richie ..((Richie)) how I wish you were right!


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