I may be a serious loser


Playing it by ear tonight — may or may not tweet myself. Will collate Armitage’s tweets, as usual.

~ by Servetus on October 17, 2016.

4 Responses to “I may be a serious loser”

  1. Well, I don’t have t.v. or WI-FI so I can’t watch. May follow the tweets tho.


  2. Thanks for that, Servetus. You and Moviepilot seem to have a good grasp of what BS is all about – or at least how I’m seeing it – which is a bit of a relief after reading some of the more negative reviews. I was beginning to think that my interest in RA was beginning to blunt my critical faculties. And I’m pleased for all Americans who, at last, have got there first!


    • He made an interesting point today about how the series has to look cinematic because the rest of EPIX does as well — which made me feel a little less silly about being so thrilled about seeing it on the larger television.

      I think I’m prejudiced in favor of Armitage, but I also think that that problem affects other reviewers’ reaing of other actors, i.e., reviewers who have enjoyed Rhys Ifans or Richard Jenkins in the past are giving him a big boost. Armitage is less familiar (and interestingly, Forbes is not getting much help in that regard — I wonder if that’s b/c she’s a woman or just because she hasn’t had a film career and is thus less familiar to a lot of reviewers).


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