ICYMI: Watch Richard Armitage interview with TVGuide here


~ by Servetus on October 17, 2016.

14 Responses to “ICYMI: Watch Richard Armitage interview with TVGuide here”

  1. Fluffy Hair!


  2. “Thanks for frenchyfying my name… Lol! I thought the exact same thing before he said it. Armitage in French also sounds pretty good.


  3. oh, thanks so much! I thought i couldn’t take any more interviews, but i can this one 🙂 I will however have to watch several times because at the moment i am just entranced watching his gorgeous hair, and him in general. He’s like a mouthwatering dessert!
    I will give it a serious listen the 2nd time round 😉


  4. Well that was great an i forgot all about the hair after less than 5 mins 🙂 I really wish i could see BsT on a big screen. Hopefully it will eventually get picked up here, i would definitely go back and watch again.
    On a side note, having tried to watch most of the things over the past few days pushing through my own saturation i have to say i am very impressed with his commitment. I am sure it is part professionalism and also part acting. Nobody could possibly stay naturally so engaged through so many interviews with so many of the same questions. But you could pick up almost any and can never tell of this was the first or the last. They are only boring of the questions are. He always addresses them fresh and open, i always feel like he is totally listening to the interviewer and reacting to them in his best possible answer. I have to respect the way he engages with this side of his work. I couldn’t, i’d go mad after 2h of this! LOL There is sort of a patience and dedication in it. Yes, i am bored with some of the very recurring questions, but in the interviews which are slightly longer he never fails to engage me.
    And boy he’s on stage all nights bar one and then he packs that day with this stuff, hats off to you Richard. He makes me feel very lazy and sometimes slack towards my work as i couldn’t extricate this level of commitment from myself tbh. I can have intensity but i also have period of not being that bothered. He seems relentless, and i mean that in a good way.


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