Sling TV interviews Richard Armitage and Michelle Forbes

~ by Servetus on October 17, 2016.

6 Responses to “Sling TV interviews Richard Armitage and Michelle Forbes”

  1. No surprises 🙂 and i think i’m absolutely ok with it 🙂


    • I thought the answer to the social media question was interesting. Also, she of course completely contradicts herself here. We need to have whistleblowers because privacy means corruption, but G-d forbid that anyone invade her privacy. It’s the same argument that government uses to illegally wiretap around here. Losing patience.

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      • I mostly zoomed out of her answers at some point, just because they don’t bring anything new and i am in a very different place from her views and i’d rather not get into it anymore. Fair enough i don’t have to agree or even argue about it and i can watch the show without it all. It’s not this one in particular, i ended up tuning out very early on listening to the debate between her and LO. The world is much more complex than that and i am past the time when slogans would work on me or i would even be interested in them. Thankfully more recent stuff is with him alone.
        I thought his response was interesting as well, though not essentially new. It was just a reminder that that is what it is 🙂 Reminder for me and i guess for himself too. I am sure he gets pulled in now and then into the warp of it, as do we all but in the long run he seems to have what to me is a healthy distance. At least that is how it feels to me and that’s perfectly fine by me. Probably because i see it the same way 😉 Interesting, but at a comfortable distance 😉


  2. Did he seem to shut her down when she started off on a tangent?


    • Yes, he did, which I thought was fascinating. It’s a rare behavior from him, the obvious steering of a conversation — the other time I thought I saw him doing it was in one of the Cinemaxx interviews with Martin Freeman, where he was clearly trying to get Freeman to back off on some weirdness.

      But I think he subtly steers conversations a lot. It was apparent in some of the RH commented episodes, and then again today on the radio, where he seemed to steer the conversation so that Zoe Kazan could be asked a question.


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