This kind of thing annoys me

When it’s the broadcaster and distributors who have ALL THE POWER in these situations, as has been demonstrated multiply particularly in this case. FFS. If we had any power, we’d end the geoblocks and make sure all of our “ranks” could see the show. They put down the paywall because they want to increase their reach. It has nothing to do with us.


~ by Servetus on October 17, 2016.

13 Responses to “This kind of thing annoys me”

  1. And is there possibly just a teeny tiny chance that the tweep wanted a reason to both hashtag the Armitage Army and @tag RCA in order to expand his own reach??? Sounds rather a weird, contradictory complaint to me…


    • Yeah, I’m not in the habit of telling tweeps to STFU but this was a close one. If I were using the “power” of the “Armitage Army” to get stuff, it wouldn’t be for access to a penny-ante fluff article in a trade magazine.


      • LOL – I just thought it was rich, prodding the fans, essentially taking the piss out of them, yet in the same breath exploiting their name (hashtag). Maybe yer man forgot to include a winking emoji…


        • Maybe. That’s the strategy of the media since time out of mind — get you wanting something and then making fun of you somehow for wanting it. I’m just sick of pretending somehow that we are not playing that game — and that if I were setting the game rules, they’d be different ones. It was a dumb article anyway. I don’t think the fandom was substantially enriched by seeing it, or even marginally enriched, actually. I think we had all that info from elsewhere already.


          • touché. I’ve been wondering whether they had some sort of conference call during the promo cos the Q&As are the same. Or some of the “interviews” use other original articles for source.


            • I’m guessing yes. And this gets to the question of why the paywall is there — it’s to provide / limit content for / to that particular audience. I see that kind of article and think “well that wasn’t written for me anyway.”


  2. It also bothers me that so many complain to Richard about availability, as though he is in corporate. I feel for all those who have to wait to see BS, I really do. However, it seems to be forgotten that it has been those of us in the U.S., who generally have to wait for things to become available. We wait for years to be able to see things, some of which have still not been made available. I would really prefer to own some things, particularly Sparkhouse, rather than cheating with YouTube. I know it’s wrong, and I don’t like doing it. This goes much further than Richard. We wait all the time for things to come to us on Masterpiece, well after they’ve aired in Great Britain. It’s not fun waiting, but we’ve all had to do it.


    • In general, I don’t think we have any reason to complain in the US (esp when I think of Australia), which is why I don’t complain. I’m a member of the most privileged nation on earth and even within that group I am among the privileged. But it’s definitely true that in the case of Armitage, US watchers have had to develop a skillset that wouldn’t be necessary if we could just access these things.


      • Yes, it is much worse for some other places, Australia for sure. It’s just that we all are in the waiting spot sometimes. It’s not our fault, or Richard’s. I do hope that their wait isn’t too long.


  3. Yes . We are tame. …they need lots of new wild animals😉


    • I have no illusions that my frankness will make them give me what I want, but I might as well be honest about my reactions — if they don’t matter anyway I might as well vent them and move on to other things.


  4. When I saw that Tweet, and who is he writes for, fandom and work collided. B&C is a trade mag, and it’s part of an EBSCO database devoted to media and journalism. (We have a Creative Communications program at the college.)

    Seriously, what is this guy’s damage? It wasn’t much of an article and had a disjointed style that jerked me around as a reader.


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