Warning: brutal — review of Berlin Station from THR #richardarmitage


~ by Servetus on October 17, 2016.

12 Responses to “Warning: brutal — review of Berlin Station from THR #richardarmitage”

  1. Brutal is an understatement!


  2. Is he really that bad? I mean his american accent ? He sounds quite strange to me in it – I thought it’s a good sign.


    • No. I was listening for this last night specifically at the beginning and he still has problems with “r” but he sounds fully American now. I suppose you could say the issue is that he now sounds like he’s not “from” anywhere, but dialect coaching is supposed to produce that.


  3. Thanks for sharing anyway!
    Don’t understand the writer’s problem with the accents of the german actors and can’t really judge RAs american accent….


    • I didn’t understand that either — I couldn’t figure out if he was saying he didn’t believe their German accents in English (give me a break) or that he couldn’t understand their English (give me a second break).


      • I agree. Does this person pick apart every show that involves foreign / non-native accents? Wow. As a Midwesterner primarily exposed to the Eastern US, none of it bothered me. Miller grew up in Germany, they should also recall.

        I did feel a point was made in treating Assange & Snowden as completely morally equivalent. There are all kinds of whistleblowers (including corporate-level i.e. Karen Silkwood & Jeffrey Wigand). To me, Snowden has to be seen on a different plane from scumbags like Assange, Anonymous & the like. They shouldn’t all be lumped together- and while I doubt that Richard does at this point, the breezy publicity references sometimes give that impression.


        • To be honest — I don’t think the average American can distinguish the differences. My dad watches a lot of news, and he couldn’t tell you the difference between what Assange and Snowden have done (although that may be willful). I posted yesterday about the Assange developments yesterday morning, sort of asking the question, this is timely but is it relevant? Most people in the entertainment press don’t care. (Arguably, Forbes does exactly the same thing).

          I wonder about the decision to sell this as a “spy drama” rather than as a drama about whistleblowing — and suspect they made the choice b/c they know how little most people understand or care about the latter.


          • Spy drama is broader & sounds more exciting / attractive. However, reviews like this one expose the fact that it’s at least more cerebral, thus perhaps more limited appeal. And to your point, the TV Guide interviewer wasn’t aware of the Anderson/Assange story either. Lol


            • It was interesting where that story showed up and where it didn’t. But I think of TV Guide as a rather “staid” venue for entertainment news. Old reliable.

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    • Strange…like which accent german actors should use? Burkina Faso?


      • I listened with this question in mind again last night, and I suppose you could make an issue over Faisal — I’m not sure what that accent is, or to be realistic, exactly how a Saudi accent would sound in English. But i don’t see an issue with the others.


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