Break from the hype (2)? How about some refused marriage proposals?

Trudy’s discussing the significance of refused marriage proposals in the works of Gaskell — with emphasis on Margaret and Mr. Thornton. ns2-246


~ by Servetus on October 18, 2016.

8 Responses to “Break from the hype (2)? How about some refused marriage proposals?”

  1. Such a painful scene. My heart just bled for him. (Even while shallowly gazing at those amazing eyelashes) 😉

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  2. Oh yes, those eyelashes…some of the best scenes in the movies.. lol Love this movie dearly and the scene above was so painful to watch for Thornton, ( type of scene RA does so well). I think I have watched this so many times I know most of the dialog.


  3. Mr. Thornton! 💘
    I always feel strange mixture of sadness and satisfaction . Strength of Margaret’s convictions is admirable! I mean look at him😍


    • it’s one of the better scenes in the piece, I think, because DDA is holding her own with him in terms of conflict.


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