In the middle of all of this

I switch on EPIX thinking there will be a movie, and what do I see immediately? It’s like an omen of something.


~ by Servetus on October 18, 2016.

15 Responses to “In the middle of all of this”

  1. It’s something alright. Somethin’ real fine!


  2. Ya, something. 😈


  3. He had to get clean, you know.


  4. Oh damn!!!


  5. This is the PG version…I do remember the side view, sans shorts..hehe


  6. Georgeous!!!!


  7. I saw that too last when I flipped over during the game….He had to clean again and again Ha.


  8. Oh look look! Square jaw!😎


  9. I know this is a road I usually don’t like taking, but, MAN, is he finely built. RA spoke of being/becoming flappy. Apparently, he’s completely naïve about true ‘flappiness’. Come again after a couple of children😉


  10. The “Man” is in fine shape! When you are as thin and active as he is very seldom do you become “flappy”. This is flappy? Dahlin’, have you looked in your mirror lately????


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