Oooh! Richard Armitage in post Love, Love, Love talk part one


~ by Servetus on October 18, 2016.

11 Responses to “Oooh! Richard Armitage in post Love, Love, Love talk part one”

  1. Thank you and D for this! Now this i will make the proper time for to indulge in and ruminate over tomorrow night. Just a quick heartfelt word of thanks S. No idea how you mange to keep up , keep track and organise it so neatly. It’s God sent to be able to sit down and go through everything one by one because it is all there on a silver platter so to speak. I am very very grateful. Xx❤❤


    • You’re welcome. I’m going to put off watching these till I see the play.

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      • I thought about it, thought even about not reading the review.. but by December it would all be pointless really. I’d neither be able to resist or remain unspoiled and i would end up missing out on interesting debates. But i will take my time because an insight into his insight is what i have been longing for since i read it. It’s all well and good about BSt but what i really want to talk and hear about is the play. Or rather time to hear more about it as well.


  2. It’s amazing. If it’s this hard to keep up, and go through all things BS and LLL, how on earth are you getting all these things posted? Even more impressive considering you were gone for a day and a half right smack in the middle of it all. Thanks as always.


    • I’m not employed at the moment, which is a huge help, but I’m not expecting that situation to persist for all that long. The point is really just to put them all down somewhere so they can be collated later by Ali or someone else. Teamwork.


  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I am not able to travel across the country to see LLL so I had to compromise by simply reading the play. Hearing RA’s take on the play gave me new insights into LLL that I hadn’t considered before. Also, it’s always interesting to get a glimpse inside RA’s beautiful brain. Thanks again!


  4. Sorry to gush, but this is pure gold. Have watched it twice while home with a nasty stomach bug today and it’s totally made my (otherwise lousy) day. I could watch him discuss his craft for years. Thanks Daphne for recording and you for posting.


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