So far, Roundabout Theater Company gets my vote

0a8d456Pursuant to my question about marketing to audiences and the business model for theater, I was thinking today that I’m really enjoying my relationship with Roundabout. In order to get the tickets I wanted, I was fortunate to be in the position to become a subscriber and a donor. I’ve gotten nothing but great customer service on a first-name basis, including great deals on additional tickets and exchanges and no complaining about what must seem odd requests to them. But I’m also enjoying the additional perks and information. I’ve gotten several offers of discounted tickets to plays I would like to see (were I in New York City), and today I got an offer of two free song downloads and discounted access to albums from some of their other productions. I’ve been a theater subscriber in other situations, but this is the most useful one yet. It’s weird to be a subscriber to a theater in a city a thousand miles away, but it feels good at the moment.

~ by Servetus on October 18, 2016.

3 Responses to “So far, Roundabout Theater Company gets my vote”

  1. Sounds like being a member of a regional, or capitol city theater with big city perks. I hope he stays connected to Roundabout, I really like the way they do things as far as the public is concerned, and it seems they go for top-notch people both onstage and off.


    • I could also add that there are a lot of things on their program that I’d like to see. We are not members of the PAC here in town because I only ever want to see one or two things they are putting on. For those who really love recent Bway musical they are great, but not for serious theater.

      In any case I’m really impressed by them so far.


  2. Sounds like an organization where people care about what they do and the people they serve. It is always gratifying to find one.


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