WNYC / Lopate interview with Love, Love, Love cast now available #richardarmitage

Here. https://www.wnyc.org/widgets/ondemand_player/wnyc/#file=/audio/json/673334/&share=1

~ by Servetus on October 18, 2016.

11 Responses to “WNYC / Lopate interview with Love, Love, Love cast now available #richardarmitage”

  1. Thank you


  2. Tough interview I felt he was setting examination questions.


  3. Interesting interview. The interviewer is clearly a professional, which makes me wonder why these interviewers fail miserably in the pronunciation of ‘Armitage’. It’s becoming annoying.
    I really like Amy Ryan’s voice and speech pace. All of them have interesting answers, and I would have liked to hear more about the class aspect.


    • I would say it’s because name mispronunciations are so constant in the US as to be almost unnoticeable. Words with the “age” suffix in English are not pronounced in a consistent way, so I would say that Armitazh is a reasonable guess if you think of the pronunciation of words like arbitrage, garage, mirage, etc. (it’s just as reasonable as the correct pronunciation, which reflects words like encourage, mortgage, etc.). The only thing I think is odd is that people do know how to say the name because of the other Richard Armitage, but perhaps this interviewer isn’t up on politics.


      • Lopate tweeted an apology for mispronunciation. For the record, I didn’t tweet to him about this.


        • LOL, I wasn’t bothered by the people who corrected the pronunciation. I was bothered by the policing emerging around the issue. Someone tweeted, after the show’s apology, “and now you know to check the pronunciation of your guests’ names, right?” Lopate is a veteran broadcaster with something like fifty years’ history. He knows what he’s doing.


          • Way to endear Richard to an important media outlet people, tweet complaints to them. Bravo


            • I honestly don’t think it matters that much, just in the sense that they were doing this interview because of the play and Bartlett and Roundabout and Amy Ryan, not because of Armitage. And that’s what Twitter is for, to absorb whatever it is that people want to say. I’m sure they’ve heard similar things before. But I can also imagine that Armitage was eager to preserve the relationship for the theater and knows how important that particular outlet is as a moment of theater criticism, and not eager to see a fan pile-on over this particular issue.


  4. sigh it ended do quickly!! Whyyy?!😭
    Thank you,Servetus!


    • yeah, this one could have been an hour interview and I wouldn’t have minded. Ah well. If it gets good reviews, maybe they will get a few more opportunities to talk about the play.


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