Did you love Richard Armitage’s double-breasted suit for the LLLPlay afterparty?



~ by Servetus on October 20, 2016.

26 Responses to “Did you love Richard Armitage’s double-breasted suit for the LLLPlay afterparty?”

  1. yeah, I do, as usual, but I love man in suits, especially beautiful man in beautiful suit.

  2. I hadn’t noticed that it was double breasted – only that it was blue (which I love on him), he’s wearing a check shirt, and he looks totally gorgeous – but yes, I do really like it. 🙂

  3. I love the way he looks. But the I don’t love the suit. The jacket looks too short. But it doesn’t take away any of his gorgeousness.

  4. Nope. Jacket looks too short for a man his height. Is it my imagination or has RA’s neck gotten a tad thinner?

  5. I love it, until the jacket stops abruptly in the wrong place!

  6. I don’t like it… but that situation may change abrubtly at the back of that suit 😉

  7. It seems to be the current fashion to cut jackets that short – I hope it will pass quickly! Very unflattering even on someone as elegant as RA. And any man shorter and stouter doesn’t have a hope of looking good. Love the colour though.

    • I’m wondering if there’s some kind of “rule” about the length of a suit jacket in proportion to where the trouser pockets lie. Any longer and the jacket would be too bunched up when you have a man like RA who often stands with his hand in his pocket.

      • he’s not supposed to put his hands in his pockets!! It really kills the line of a double breasted suit absolutely.

        But it’s correct that the jackets are usually longer.

        • When you consider how much some of these suits cost one would think they could get the proportions right. 😉 Current fashion though?

          • so, I researched this a little. They’ve been on trend again for about two years, and looking pictures on the web, they are definitely cut shorter than the traditional double breasted suit was — apparently this has the effect of making them seem more casual.

  8. No – the proportions are wrong for him. The jacket is too short and boxy. I’m a bit over the brown shoes too – it was quirky at first but it’s boring now.

    Having said all that……………….Phwoooaaarrrrr!

  9. Colour is very nice, and I do like the front of the jacket.

  10. Fabric looks substantial. ..could I feel it???? He looks handsome as always.

  11. He looks soigné in his suit, the blue colour is great. But for my taste the jacket is too short. Also I don’t like if he becomes thin and thinner. He has to eat one more piece of the cake offered from Ben, his stage son.( see next post)

  12. Having the tall slender look of a model he always looks good no matter what he wears, his clothes drape his body well. The suit, I love the color but agree the jacket is too short, that I don’t like, but like a lot of years we have some ugly fashions coming into style. My take don’t buy them lol stay with what you like. His colors will always be blue and black for me.

  13. I don’t like him in doublebreasted suits https://meandrichard.wordpress.com/2014/12/04/double-breasted-armitage/ but this is the one I’ve liked the most so far.

  14. Not a fan of double breasted on anybody, and the jacket is too short, but he looks elegant and the fabric looks nice. I echo the comments above in that he really does look like he has lost some weight. Maybe he is just working hard and not eating enough…..also, is it just me or does his face look a bit strange. Too much makeup? Or just the lighting for the photography?

  15. Mr. Richard Armitage looks like a true, elegant, handsome man in this picture. I did love the close-up of his face(in another picture), I loved his eyes and the eye crinkles. I finally got to see in his eyes that he was happy to be there and it looked like there was no problems. but, I didn’t like the checkered shirt, it would of been better with a white shirt and the jacket should of been longer in the front and I wished he would of washed his hair and let it dry naturally and not put all that gunk in it . Servetus I did go to that photo you tlked/wrote about, I somewhat agree with you. Mr. Richard Armitage looks very handsome but he seemed very stiff and even though the suit was a good color on him and it lokked nice, but (to me) it seemed a little tight

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